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I am a world building storyteller writing from the backs of dragons’ wings or hunkered down in the crows nests of pirate ships…

My name is Sabrina, but the nickname Irish is what I typically go by online. I’m not from Ireland though, the nickname was lovingly bestowed upon me due many years ago due to being the “go to” person when others wanted to know about the beautiful Emerald Isle. I am a stay at home Mom to 4 kids, 1 girl and 3 boys. My boys all have the diagnosis of Autism, 2 of them with ADHD.

I enjoy writing stories, particularly building the worlds that those stories are rooted in, as well as connecting with other fellow creators either who are fellow writers themselves or just creative-minded in general. I have a YouTube channel where I discuss topics like Mental Health and writing/world building, often giving live streams where I’m showing what I use when I’m on a creative streak.

I love to play video games (the Elder Scrolls are my favorite) and will often play indie games. I have a secondary YouTube channel where I do live streams of game plays on random occasions and post vlogs. Though I haven’t particularly been active on either one lately with the virus shutting us down and my kids taking priority over everything in my life.

I love seeing people I am friends with succeed in their ventures be it personal or business. I also will promote the ever loving life out of products that I thoroughly enjoy and have benefited from. These are usually not affiliate links unless stated otherwise so it isn’t of any monetary value or gain for me.

I like to think that I am open minded and a kind soul sort of person, but I know everyone has their own opinions of me and it isn’t my job to change them. Only to continue being who I am and doing what I do.

Mental Health Advocate/Supporter

As someone who has been and currently still is in therapy for several years, misdiagnosed, and endured the torment of trial and error on the wrong kind of medication, to say I am a huge mental health advocate/supporter would be an understatement. I have the good/bad habit of wanting to help others yet always having the difficulties of implementing the same advice that I give. I also share tips of things I use to help me on a Mental Health level. Again, unless stated otherwise, any links shared in my blog posts are not affiliate links or anything that mutually benefits me if you click on them. I am genuinely sharing what I find that helps me in the hopes that it helps others.

While I am not clinically licensed whatsoever to advise, I do have my own experiences that I can share and you are welcome to take from it what you will. I always recommend that you seek the advice of a clinical professional (aka your doctor) before doing anything.

Blogging, writing, etc

The Captain’s Log is my blog where you will find topics ranging from my methods of writing, reviews, and mental health journey. I enjoy writing, as I stated above, and that often includes journalling. I feel that Mental Health is such a taboo subject that everyone has their own opinions about yet not enough of those opinions are those of us who are still of clear mindset to discuss our experiences.

Captain’s Library of Worlds is my World Anvil account where you will find a sort of Wikipedia style encyclopedia of sorts. I am working on Eshedale and the worlds for the Ilnarius Chronicles, it’s a slow process as my kids have top priority, but it’s still fun to do. I plan on publishing my Eshedale Series some day when I feel that it is worthy. Likewise for the Ilnarius Chronicles. What’s great about World Anvil, too, is that I am able to post any and all of my stories for you to be able to read for free.

Which leads me to the Support links that you’ve undoubtedly seen below my menu. Please do not feel any obligations to support unless you genuinely enjoy my content and want to support me. I am wanting to get published, but it requires funds that just aren’t in my reach right now. However, I refuse to let that get me down and will do what I can to push on.